Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Parties!

My first party was the RS Birthday Dinner on Thursday and since we had the theme DOTS already in to play for the Cheer party we decided to use the same decorations.
Bridal Shower for Nicole Gibson on Saturday decided to use her wedding colors as decorations.
Then the following Tuesday we had the Cheer Banquet.
DOT Theme.
1st Party...

2nd Party

3rd Party...

Success! Done and had a great time by all...


Bree Johnson said...
Hi there this is Bree From modern rust
here is the link to the tesy shop that sells the ribbon holders they are fab!!!!!

Nancy said...

SOOOOOOOOO FABULOUS!!! My talented friend! I miss hearing about the parties!!! I looked at this post and realized I didnt' know about any of them, except fot he shower! You know me...I hate to miss a party! (Yellow)
I Love you, my party animal of a friend!!!!! 14 months..
Get plannin' THAT party!!